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I write 1-2x per month on what’s happening in the world of AI research. .

I’m a researcher at Midjourney. I used to be a researcher at DeepMind. None of what I write here is endorsed by anyone other than myself, and represents only my views

Artificial Fintelligence is a reader-supported publication. I write about what’s happening in the world of AI research. This isn’t just a newsletter summarizing papers; I try to give you my thoughts and potential research ideas to build on.

Why should I sign up for a paid membership?

I strongly prefer writing without a paywall. It maximizes value for society and lets me disseminate my thoughts to a broad audience. Also, paywalls suck. I have, personally, never enjoyed a paywall, even when I pay for it.

Unfortunately, I have a mortgage. And a small child who eats nothing but blueberries. So, I come to you with this offer: if you'd like professionally relevant writing about the bleeding edge of AI research to happen on a relatively regular basis, you can pay me money, and I will continue writing.

The more people that subscribe, the more writing I will produce.

I intend the vast majority of my written output to continue to be available for free online. If there is interest, I will consider doing special things for members only.

What is the difference in the tiers?

Basic memberships are $9 per month or $90 per year.

However, if you want to pay me more, I would very much like that. Some people have found my advice useful. And some people value research ideas more than others. If you think my writing has been exceptionally valuable to you, you're welcome to become a Founding Member.

It is exactly the same as a normal membership, except it costs more. You can choose how much more. If you’re a Founding Member, I’ll analyze papers you suggest.

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Finbarr Timbers

empiricist. ml researcher. previously: engineering at deepmind 🧠